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Wake up to what the world’s stock markets, lenders, insurers and customers – and the most talented job-seekers – know: good environmental management is good for business.

One of the founder members of Theatresports, Clare is hugely talented and lots of fun.

Live, the boys take you on a high-energy musical journey of outrageous fun and wild fashion (Nerd fashion that is!). None the less, when Club Nerd play at your event or function, there will be fun - guaranteed!Club Nerd play all those songs that eveyone loves, but are just too afraid to admit.Their music covers a versatile range, from the disco 70's, right through to those popular synth sounds and glam rock of the 80's. They even throw in some favorites from the 50's and 90's for good measure! One thing guaranteed, you and your guests will know the music and want to dance and sing along.

Colin James is a political journalist of more than 30 years experience and political columnist of the year in 2003. He has correctly forecast which party would be or lead the government after 12 of the past 13 elections.

Hear from this four times World Champion and eight times British Open Squash Champion.

Therese servied as the General Manager Corporate Services for Rugby New Zealand 2011 Limited, the company established by the NZRU and the NZ Government to deliver the Rugby World Cup Tournament in 2011 and is now doing a similar role for the Cricket World Cup to be hosted jointly in Australia and NZ in 2015.

David has a diverse business background, from being a freelance trainer and consultant for the real estate and insurance industries to being a business owner. After working in Australia for a large company of retail management specialists, David specialises in giving clients and business owners a “Big Picture” to work towards, one that fits in with their personal and professional goals on a group or individual level.

His engineering background gives him a valuable insight into the needs of modern business, as well as a highly “hands-on”, practical approach to the communication and management skills he teaches.

Debbie Harwood can sing her own right – or with a band – or bring a team together to sing their own song as an innovative form of team building.

She delivers practical; ’how-to’; motivating solutions that will have your group saying wow! every few moments. Debbie is one of the most sought after speakers in NZ and Australia, a media columnist and bestselling author of 16 books. She is unique in her gift for combining intimate knowledge of everyday business tools; understanding your business and problems; then creating unique customised presentations targeting pain points. Your group learns how to make easy, tiny, implementable tweaks to what they do, creating significant gains in the area you are targeting.

Denis’ experience encompasses restructuring businesses, doing one-on-one mentoring and coaching of CEO’s and management teams, devising and implementing high-level business strategies, turning managers into leaders, helping companies to analyse operations, develop and implement change management strategies and return organisations to sustainable profitable long-term growth. He is an informed and entertaining speaker.

Wellington based Denise Carnihan is living proof that ideas borne on a whim, can rapidly become reality. Little did she know that what started as her son’s school project on ‘family origins’ would result in visiting her newly discovered family in South Africa in 2009, and lead her and her family on a completely different life journey, culminating in her and her husband building a fully functioning school in a poor region of Nairobi, Kenya in 2011.

The first 8 of those years, Des and Les were actually known as "The Golden Holdens".

Dick Tayler has an inspirational story with amusing anecdotes and poignant messages.

Dillon played over 100 games for the NZ Mens Basketball Team (Tall Blacks) between 1989 and 2008. These include an Olympics, a Commonwealth Games and three World Championship including the memorable tournament in 2002 where NZ finished fourth. He has had 16 international tours with the team. With the NZ Breakers he has won the NBL three years in a row from 2010-11 through to 2012-13.

DIVA are three charismatic and dynamic entertainers turning every event into an unforgettable experience. This versatile top entertainment group is always in great demand.

He has been a long-term consultant to four Formula One teams as well as the New Zealand All Blacks specialising in performance optimisation and he is retained by the New Zealand Government to provide elite training to Olympic and team sports. He is also the author of The Winner’s Bible and The Ant and the Ferrari.

Based in Wellington, New Zealand, Elena is an influential part of the capital city’s creatively and culturally diverse arts scene. Elena is a member of the Vector Wellington Orchestra as well as a regular opening performer for the annual WOW (World of Wearable Art) Awards.

Eric has balanced his distinguished and highly successful rugby career with goals off the field. He completed a Bachelor of Law degree and was admitted to the Bar as a Barrister. He worked for seven years in Corporate Law before devoting himself full time to his rugby career. At the same time, he has continued to pursue other business interests and investments. Eric has strong leadership skills and is a highly rated speaker.

Whether she is singing a slow sultry ballad or belting out a swinging blues, you are in no doubt that Erna is giving the song her utmost.

Frankie is both an excellent M/C as well as a world class entertainer, and is more than happy to do one role or both. Frankie can perform on his own for a 30 – 40 minute show using backing tapes; can bring in a female singer like Tina Cross or Jackie Clarke and dancers if required, or have live backing band – he is very flexible and will fit in with your requirements.

Ganesh is a regular commentator on the New Zealand economy for various media and oversees production of BERL Birds Eye View, which assess the New Zealand economy’s outlook.

Gareth is involved in producing the firm's regular forecasts and news analysis service, providing regular updates on trends in economic data for clients. He also regularly does presentations to clients on the economic outlook relevant to their industry.

Geoff has established himself as an extraordinary conference and product host, as either an MC or character facilitator. He has the ability to add energy to those long presentations through ‘ice-breaker’ interludes, team building activities, and his interaction between you and your venue personnel.

He works with people who are ready for change, ready to take things to the next level and with a desire to be the best they can be. Geoff's clients want to live and work intentionally, blow out excuses and limiting emotions, cope better with the life’s challenges and tap into their most resourceful states to unleash their full potential.

Getrude Matshe is an inspirational speaker who has been described as a vibrant bundle of African energy whose zest and passion for life inspires everyone she meets. She is passionate about helping people achieve their full potential and find their individual life purpose. She is passionate about individuals’ success. This makes her an energetic, inspirational and enlightening speaker. Getrude has written several books and is now a book writing coach.

Reaching your full potential so you can lift the performance of your team and business can be achieved with the guidance of a skilled professional. His skills have been highly sought after by the All Blacks, The Canterbury Crusaders, Super 12 rugby team and the New Zealand Cricket Team. You will find Gilbert’s workshops ‘matter of fact’ and interactional providing you with the winning tools and skills used by many of our corporate and sporting heroes.

She has over twenty-five years of global experience in leadership and culture change. For the last 20+ years she has specialised in presenting the new paradigm she calls the Effortless Leadership Paradigm™ which is about simplifying how the mind works.