Tony Laker

2013 New Zealand Retail Travel Agent of the Year
Tony’s topic “How the Hell did that Happen?” is described as a no-nonsense, common-sense, roller-coaster ride of adventure, fun, intrigue, mystery, and if time permits, a little bit of travel. His message of “if an ordinary guy like me can do this, just imagine what you can do” is hugely entertaining and empowering to all audience types.

Tony was born and raised in Bluff, the son of a fisherman. He describes his schooling as simply eating his lunch until he was old enough for someone to decide if he was bright enough to steer the boat or just work the deck.

In 1999, Tony and wife Tracey decided to open their own Travel Agency - House of Travel Lakers Invercargill. Every travel industry expert (not to mention the Bank Manager) warned it was a terrible idea and proceeded to list a host of very good reasons why.

Against all odds, House of Travel Lakers has quickly become one of the largest Travel Companies in New Zealand with a staff of twenty and an annual turnover in excess of $19 million. Compare that to the average sized New Zealand Travel Agency of 4 staff and 3.0 million.

In 2013 at the inaugural New Zealand Travel Industry Awards, run by the Australian Federation of Travel Agents with support of the New Zealand Travel Agents Association, House of Travel Lakers Invercargill was awarded the 2013 New Zealand Retail Travel Agency of the Year - selected from all Travel Agencies/All Brands nationwide

Join Tony for his talk he has entitled “How the Hell did that Happen”? which he describes as a no-nonsense, common-sense, good fun, 45 minute roller-coaster ride of adventure, controversy, intrigue, some good ideas, and if time permits – a little bit of travel.

Find out the secrets to the House of Travel Lakers success, and how anyone can apply these very same simplistic principals to their business and life.


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