Stacey Morrison (nee Daniels)

Stacey Daniels Morrison is a well known tevision and radio personality

Stacey Daniels grew up in Christchurch attending Aranui High School and is already a 20 year veteran of television and radio. She began her career on the kids’ show What Now when she was just 18. Since then, she has worked at a presenter as well as behind the scenes in such shows at appeared on Mai Time, In Focus, MaraeTest the Nation, Celebrity Treasure Island, Showstoppers, and Let’s Cook.

Stacey is also a popular voiceover talent. (“Kids always make me go, ‘Dooo the Powerball!’”) On radio, she been heard on Mai FM before moving to be part of the Breakfast team on Flava, and is currently on Classic Hits.

She married Te Karere presenter Scotty Morrison in 2006 and they now have a son Haiwaiki.

Stacey is a very experienced Master of Ceremonies and with her bubbly personality makes every event she is involved lots of fun.