Sir Rodger Douglas

Business analysts worldwide today recognize that politics - what they call "policy risk" - is among the most complex risks that face investors and businessman trying to make sound decisions. Roger Douglas's straight talking about economics and politics attracts elite business audiences in London, New York and Tokyo. He cuts through the cant, and helps them see events more clearly. His presentations focus on the further reforms required to win economic success in the 1990's, their impact on business, how to adjust to change - and the high price of refusal to face change.
Douglas is the strategist who designed the dramatic structural reforms implemented in New Zealand in 1984-88. That programme won him Euromoney's award as Finance Minister of the Year in 1985.
"Many businessmen and politicians see the future as a problem. You get nowhere until you begin to see it as an opportunity. Strategy is about identifying and using opportunities" he says. "The tax system he designed for New Zealand is "among the least distorting in the OCED", says the OCED. Half a dozen countries have asked his advice on introducing better consumption taxes. He gave New Zealand one of the most deregulated finance systems in the world. His corporatisation and privatisation programme for state owned business has improved efficiency by 30-50% in areas such as telecom and electricity - in some cases by up to 100%.
Before entering Parliament in 1969, Roger Douglas was company secretary for one of New Zealand's most dynamic carpet makers. His business experience includes accounting, export, and production planning. In the 1972/75 period, he held Post Office, Broadcasting and Housing portfolios. He has published two books: "There's Got To Be A Better Way" (1981), "Towards Prosperity" (1987) and "Unfinished Business (1993).
Roger Douglas stepped down as Manurewa MP following the 1990 election after 21 years in Parliament. He now has a consultancy that sells his experience in economic restructuring to the rest of the world. The consultancy aims to provide top level conceptual and implementation skills to solve the problems involved in successful structural reform. He is on the Board of Directors of one of New Zealand's largest corporations, Brierley Investments Ltd and is the founder of the political party, ACT (Association of Consumers and Taxpayers).
His work has included consulting to the World Bank in Russia on Privatisation, a Privatisation Seminar in Austria, a presentation in Canada to the Taxpayers Federation, plus courses in Singapore, South Africa and Australia on Corporatisation and Privatisation.


• Thriving In The 1990's
• Achieving Structural Change
• Goods Tax and Fiscal Policy
• Privatising, Corporatisation
• The Role Of Government