Gordon Dryden

Sales promotion expert, Marketing director, Exporter, Researcher, Journalist, Talk back host, Radio station founder and is the author of the best selling book “The Learning Revolution”
This man is legendary for his forward thinking visionary ideas. Still at the forefront of technology and in demand throughout the world, Gordon has had amazing foresight into the shape of things to come in the future both in the business and educational sectors. Few people have packed as much experience into their lives as Gordon Dryden. - He worked on the documentary “Where to Now” which looked at problems of the future in work, education, health etc.

The world's top-selling non-fiction author, Gordon Dryden makes the ideal conference keynoter for any organisation gearing itself to rethinking its role in the 21st Century. Few people have packed as much experience into their lives as Gordon Dryden. He has been an award-winning journalist, editor, publisher, prize-winning radio presenter, pioneer in participatory television, talk-radio station founder, advertising specialist, public relations consultant, sales promotions expert, marketing director, exporter, researcher, author and television producer. He's spent over a quarter of a century studying the future of electronic communications, visiting Silicon Valley several times and researching television potential around the world. He has served on the Board of Directors of the New Zealand Meat Producers Board, Meat and Wool Boards' Economic Service, the American Meat Export Development Company, Vid Com (New Zealand's first specialist video company) and the publishing company he co-founded, New Zealand Trends, a pioneer in electronic technology and target marketing. He has also led or been the key spokesman for official trade missions to Canada, the United States of America, Hawaii, Tahiti and Fiji.

An innovative pioneer in phone-in radio, at one stage he drew each day the world's largest day time radio audience (proportionate to population). He is the author of "Out of the Red", which is both an autobiography and a forecast of the future. In 1990 and 1991 he also spent several months touring the world researching and videotaping a six part documentary series "Where to Now?" which looked at the interlocking problems of the future of education, health, social service and the future of work.

In 1997 with Jeanette Vos he wrote “The Learning Revolution“ It’s linking the modern marvels of mind and brain research with the power of instant electronic communication. Gordon was the producer-presenter of 22 international television programmes on learning for the 21st century. He has spent the last eight years researching, writing, presenting and producing television programmes on The Learning Revolution. The book has become a best-seller in countries as diverse as Singapore and New Zealand. It has now been published in Chinese, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Portuguese and Arabic. In China alone almost 10 million copies have been sold, making Gordon one of the world's biggest selling authors. In 1990 he secured a grant of $2 million from New Zealand's biggest charitable trust to tour the globe with a television crew to videotape the world's best learning breakthroughs – and to use the subsequent television programmes to open up a national debate on learning in the 21st century. During the past six years Gordon has also presented regularly at conferences ranging from 3000 people in both Spain and Texas to business seminars in Taiwan and London, to educational seminars in the United Arab Emirates and Singapore. He has co-presented internationally with some of the world's best-known business speakers, including Stephen Covey, Edward de Bono and Tony Buzan. A former television and radio talkshow host, specialising in interactive, audience-participation, he combines those audiovisual skills with a unique ability to simplify how the world is changing and how those changes can transform any organisation. A leading public speaker in New Zealand, he is also in demand as an International presenter.

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