Gilly Chater

Gilly is an award winning speaker whose presentations are recognised to be thought provoking, inspiring and transformational.
Gilly believes that being a great leader is like being a great chef. She will take your audience on a journey to understand her “Effortless Leadership” philosophy and discover how leading can feel effortless with relevant stories of her life including being a Cordon Bleu Chef.

Leadership starts at the personal level - a new paradigm for leadership means we need ‘cordon bleu (blue ribbon) leaders’ who are committed to being the very best they can be so they can bring out the best in others!

When you book Gilly you can expect:

  • an inspirational speaker who loves interacting with the audience
  • her stories to provide important messages for leaders at all levels
  • presentations that are entertaining, that challenge people’s thinking and give people food for thought
  • a speaker who likes to mix and mingle with delegates before and after her session





Discover the new paradigm to become a cordon bleu leader with the magic recipe to experience Effortless Leadership. The ingredients and methodology will transform managers into leaders by them understanding what underlies ALL human experience.  Gilly delivers a powerful message through stories and examples of how being a chef in the kitchen is like being a leader in business, education, community and all areas of life.


Cool - being relaxed, yet focused and present, Calm  - being able to handle all situations, and Creative - being able to come up with new solutions and revolutionary ideas.  These three ingredients are essential for every kind of organisation’s success. It all starts with self- leadership before leading others. Every level of your audience can gain insights as to how effortless it can be to have a happier and more productive life at work and home.


The ability to achieve high performance under pressure, without succumbing to burn out is a challenge for sales people. In this presentation Gilly shares her different experiences of working to tight deadlines in the kitchen and of achieving huge sales targets- the latter while living in Tokyo Japan, and being paid on commission-only sales. Gilly did burn out and it greatly affected her physical health. Learn how easy it is to be resilient and bounce back without suffering from burnout.


Conference breakout workshops provide the opportunity to go deeper and allow for interaction with the attendees. These workshops are excellent to expand upon a keynote, however, they can also be held as a separate event.  They are practical and adaptable to any environment.  They also cut across all cultures making it easier for people to relate to each other.


Your keynote presentation on “Recipe for Cordon on Bleu Leadership” built on our Conference theme of “Building future Heroes” perfectly. It was really well constructed, presented in an entertaining and professional manner and contained insightful and thought provoking messages on personal development and leadership. We also really appreciated your willingness to conduct a workshop with our younger emerging leaders and again the feedback was excellent.

Eddie Devine, President - Plastics New Zealand

Gilly presented both a workshop and keynote at our annual Tonic Conference. This event is for managers of non-profit organisations and attracts delegates with a wide range of knowledge and experience. Gilly was well prepared and delivered a professional, polished presentation.  Comments included; “So inspirational, it challenged my thinking”, “Good energy and obviously a professional”

“She gave me some useful things to think about”, “She clearly knows what she’s talking about”. I have no hesitation in recommending her for future speaking engagements.

Kerri Tilby-Price CEO, Exult

You were such an inspiration last time for our group of executives and we will invite you back soon

Jacqui Matthews-Harris, Director BlackCat Consulting

Your keynote was informative, inspirational, and accessible.  Your personality shone through, and you made intimate connections with your audience right through the keynote.  The proof of the pudding is in the feedback that we received from participants. There was so much to take away and apply for both myself and others. I encourage others to use your prodigious skills and life-changing abilities.

Lorna Murray, CEO, Connect SR

 Gilly’s success lies in her ability to immediately connect with her audience – no matter what their background is. We had many positive comments from the conference participants including: “Unpretentious and inspiring”; “Motivational speech from Gilly was a highlight”; “Gilly had a very engaging style”. She is a presenter with many qualities that are hard to find.

Ian Harper, Executive Officer ASENZ

In my previous role as General Manager Sales & Marketing for Marley New Zealand Ltd I decided that the National Sales & Marketing conference needed a keynote speaker to open the conference and provide a foundation for ensuring that the conference achieved the desired outcomes.  Gilly’s keynote was exceptionally well received and provided the platform for our most successful conference to date.  I am very pleased to recommend Gilly as a keynote speaker to any organisation.

John Pivac, GM Sales Australia & New Zealand, Philmac PTY Ltd

Gilly Chater was our keynote speaker at our sales and marketing conference. Her presentation was a highlight of the conference. It focused on, and supported, our One team – Together we go further theme superbly.
Jeff La Haye, General Manager, Dux Industries

I was impressed with the way Gilly’s open and confident style connected with our people. Over 70 of our staff were present and less than 50% are originally from New Zealand. Gilly connected with the entire group with ease and at times she had many of us in fits of laughter. Gilly inspired the team and SkyComms as a whole derived a significant benefit from the event.

Merv Taylor, General Manager, Sky Communications