Clare Feeney

Clare is a professional speaker, trainer and consultant on business, economics and the environment and how a focus on environmental matters can transform any business into a learning – and more profitable – organisation.
Wake up to what the world’s stock markets, lenders, insurers and customers – and the most talented job-seekers – know: good environmental management is good for business.

Environmental innovation leads to increased levels of productivity, staff and customer satisfaction, smarter and more cost-effective supply chains and higher profits. In her consulting and training work, Clare has countless cases to prove the point. She has a fund of hilarious anecdotes to illustrate practical steps that will add value to the bottom line of any organization.

A solid academic training followed by twelve years experience in water and soil management in government and over fifteen years as an independent consultant, give Clare a deep understanding of business and environmental issues.

Clare has worked with people at all levels, from factory shop-floor to boardroom, contractor to volunteers and with sectors as diverse as central, regional and local government, farming, iwi, manufacturing and water supply, stormwater and sewerage utilities.

Passion, humour, in-depth knowledge and a wealth of anecdote make her an engaging speaker in all forums, who can inspire her audiences to see the world in a way that empowers them to take practical steps towards better business, a healthier environment and a happier global community.

Clare sees herself as a business strategist: her take on the environment is that it’s one of the many aspects of running a business that can act as a catalyst for positive change.



Clare’s keynotes can be tailored for your unique needs and event outcomes, and include:

The Productivity Paradox: three steps to grow your business productivity and profits, including one that will surprise you…

Vital signs: how environmental danger signals can diagnose poor business performance and warn you to take a closer look at a company’s other vital signs. This presentation shows how these firms can manage their way out of the risk zone by reframing The Productivity Paradox for:

• the civil construction sector

• the financial and insurance sectors and anyone running, advising, supplying or investing in any business.

The Existential Doughnut: ‘The end of the world might not come from nuclear war. It might come from shopping.’ Waste engineer Alan Fielding’s quote takes us into the economy and the meaning of life: where does our own happiness fit in the big picture of people, planet and profit?

The Partnership Principle: how to set up successful environmental training programs – a 7-step guide for government agencies, major corporates, utilities, not-for-profits and any organization that needs to make a difference. Clare has now written a book on the topic called “How to Change the World”, published by Global Professional Publishers in the UK, based on 20-years of experience with a major program that created a new profession and an enduring partnership between industry and government.



Most of these presentations are supported by conference breakout sessions, workshops and interactive distance learning that add real value to company bottom lines – and grow the happiness and productivity of company staff.



People need to go home fizzing with ideas from your conference. I delight in drawing out the insights of your speakers and working sessions and linking their ideas to your conference theme.




You presented some very well-developed thoughts on environmental performance and business success which went down extremely well with the contractors, who are a tough-minded audience. Derrick Adams, CEO, HEB Construction Ltd

Clare, I loved your presentation! Your statistics blew me away and your stories were poignant, original and heartfelt without blaming me for environmental pollution! I looked around the room while you were speaking and the audience were riveted to you. I feel privileged to have met you Clare, because I feel you're passionate about your subject, you give high-value information and you're approachable at the same time. Linda McDermott, speaker, voice actor, coach

You bring a fresh perspective to the most critical issues of our time and people commented on much they appreciated these insightful and inspiring presentations on concerns often portrayed as intractable and depressing. You turn complex ideas into subject matter they can relate to and provide them with concrete suggestions on the roles and actions they might take as professionals and individuals to make their communities more sustainable, flourishing places. All this you achieve with such wit and vitality!
Elizabeth Aitken-Rose, Auckland University Planning Department

Clare cast a spell over the group with her friendly and engaging manner. Passion and experience could be felt in her words and her ability to shape the message to the PR industry made it all the more impressive.Clare’s presentation is brought up time and time again as one of the best speakers we had the privilege of hosting this year. Karen White, Auckland University of Technology Club PR

Clare is a star, without question. I have heard her speak to a variety of audiences. She has a great range of words and expressions and uses them to both engage the audience in a wonderful manner and also to get her message across. A delightful and entertaining speaker. Brian Handyside, Erosion Management Ltd