Amanda Fleming

Personal and professional development ‘coach’ specialising in the latest in training and learning technology and the expansion of the human capacities.
Amanda is best know for her training programmes on how to present yourself, rather than the traditional skills of how to present a speech. She facilitates change in human behaviour and enables people to focus on their fears or self doubts and to work out what is holding them back or blocking their progress. By encouraging people to express their fears she can give them the practical means to move forward and present themselves well.

Amanda is a personal and professional development 'coach' specialising in the research and development of the latest in training and learning technology and the expansion of the human capacities. Amanda studied law and education until she joined the police force in 1979. In addition to being the first permanently appointed woman to the Diplomatic Protection Squad, she worked on front line policing duties where she dealt with people from all walks of life in a wide variety of circumstances.

Amanda experienced many unusual aspects of life during her seven years as a police officer as public perception of the whole police department evolved through challenging times in New Zealand. This experience has left her with rather a unique background as a trainer and facilitator.

This background, combined with over a decade of intensive training with leading local and international teachers in the human potential industry, has enabled her to develop an easy relaxed style with people across the spectrum of society, in both public and corporate arenas.

Amanda has also written a couple of books and a collection of poetry. “I CAN SPEAK CLEARLY NOW – THE PAIN HAS GONE”  is an inside-out approach to authentic presentation skills development, and “ACTIVATE YOUR HUMAN SUPERPOWERS is a path to your potential”  

Client list: 

The ICEHOUSE , TRA (The Research Agency), Telecom, WISE Group, Blueprint Centre for Learning, PORSE, For Life Education and Training, NZMA, TASTI, Vodafone, Post Haste, Colmar Brunton, Les Mills International, and many more.