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Lisa was born with a physical eye defect that has shaped her life. Born into a family of sporting professionals, she wanted to understand why some people succeed while others do not and this determination led her to specialise in human performance and sports psychology. Lisa is extremely motivational, and has committed her life to help improve the lives of others. A very special lady and author of 6 books she can tailor a presentation specifically for you.

Lorraine Smith is a high profile Auckland based criminal lawyer specialising in Murder, Manslaughter; sexual violation; violent assaults; all drug charges; fraud; burglary; drink driving and limited licences down to charges of disorderly behaviour. She has over 30 years experience in criminal law and acts for client on a legally aided and private basis. She was the lawyer of Chris Kahui who was found not guilty after the jury sat for only ten minutes. Lorraine has been admitted as a Barrister and Solicitor by the Supreme Court in New Zealand and by the Supreme Courts in Victoria and Sydney in Australia.

For over twenty years she worked at TVNZ as a newsreader and weather presenter.

Maggie's areas of specialty are presentation skills, media relations, image consultancy and personal development. Her unique ability to motivate and empathise stems from her awareness of human dynamics, personal development and over 20 years of experience working in theatre education and the performing arts.

Margot’s work in organisational transformation has the proven, researched capacity to turn companies around on both tight financial and time frameworks. Recently Margot has been awarded the honour of being included as one of “2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century”, a credit bestowed on only 2000 of the world’s foremost contemporary thinkers.

Mark Weldon was a distinguished scholar, Olympic swimmer and a successful businessman, all before the age of 40. Between endless laps of Olympic-sized swimming pools, he managed to complete several degrees in law, commerce and the arts from Auckland and Columbia Universities. He has worked as an attorney and management consultant in New York, and in 2005 received a Sir Peter Blake leadership award.

Martin speaks on customer service and works with sportsmen up to international level. Martin teaches people how to understand the ego of their clients and how to generate repeat and referral business. Martin studied psychology and marketing at University of NSW. He spent some years in sales and marketing with Colgate Palmolive before setting up Success Communications in 1985. Martin’s outstanding results with over 500 companies across more than 100 industries have made him one of Australia’s most in-demand speakers.

Martin Snedden is an in demand keynote speaker, sharing his internationally acclaimed success story from the RWC 2011.

He uses real life examples to show the things that work and the things that don't work. Martz gives great take home value.

As well as her very successful business career as General Manager and Marketing Manager for large corporate companies, her sales experience, in the last ten years Mary has had over nine million dollars worth of real estate transactions (including buying and selling residential, commercial and rental properties), She has seventeen years working with direct sellers and is the author of an internationally distributed book on the topic.

Highly experienced sales trainer and speaker in the area of sales, motivation, networking, personality profiling and the ‘fit’ for the job, career and personal development.

Mary Quin was one of a group of 16 tourists taken hostage in Yemen by local militants. Mary’s dramatic escape during a gun battle between the militants and the Yemen army, in which four tourists were killed and two wounded, made headline news around the world.

Mary-Alice Arthur developed and launched the concept of Event Tourism and initiated and managed the internationally recognised KiwiHost customer service programme over its first five years.

He is the founder and chairman of Thought Leaders and is consistently voted as one of Australia’s top conference speakers. He is the 2014/15 Australian Speaker of the Year and has recently been named one of the top ten motivational speakers in the world by E-speakers, the peak global event industry body.

Maurice Williamson has been in Parliament since 1987. He was Auckland Toastmasters Club Communicator of the Year in 1993

Has more than 25 years experience in business and IT, often blending the two to identify strategic opportunities for the use of technology. He is a business strategist, a marketing specialist, a business mentor, an entrepreneur, and an investor.

She has extensive first-hand experience in building teams and developing business strategies, and a high awareness of social responsibility in business with a penchant for entrepreneurship and innovation.

He built an Australian wide business designing and implementing human risk management programmes for public companies and high net worth individuals and in 1985 he founded Australia’s first private Bank which he owned in partnership with the New Zealand Insurance Group. He is now a business consultant, specialising in working with people in service businesses who want to work smarter to make more money.

Speaks on drugs in the workplace and the problems of ‘P’ – Methamphetamine and other drugs throughout society and the workplace at all levels. Employers need to be able to recognise the signs as drug use is becoming endemic through all levels of all types of businesses.

Tourism Entrepreneur- founder of Tamaki Maori Village, which is now a family run business that employs 120 staff turning over in excess of $10 million. In 1998 Tamaki Maori Village was the Overall Supreme Tourism Award Winner at the NZ Tourism Awards.

Professor Norman is living proof that economics is NOT "dismal". He is an experienced academic teacher and researcher, business consultant and analyst, media and video performer and public speaker in over 5000 addresses to business and community groups in over 30 countries.

Noel reaches over five million people a week with his columns in newspapers such as the Sydney Morning Herald and the Age. He is an author of international stature and his books "Making Money Made Simple" and "More Money with Noel Whittaker", are best sellers in Australia, Great Britain, South Africa, South East Asia and New Zealand. He has also authored two other best sellers "Getting it Together" which is aimed at the teenage market, and "Living Well in Retirement".

Pat Armitstead has been described as :” Australasias answer to Patch Adams”. She is a compassionate, intuitive and humourous speaker who engages and transforms audiences with her mastery of positive psychology, storytelling and improv acting

In 1984 Patricia Cameron-Hill and Shayne Yates changed their career directions as a nurse and doctor to establish their own business in Melbourne. Since then they have inspired, informed and entertained thousands of people worldwide, with their unique presentations. Their ideas have helped people in government; professions and private industry make better use of their time.

Paul speaks on relevant topics for today based on his personal experiences. He has been in management since he was 22 years old in Australia and came to New Zealand over 10 years ago where he held the Chief Executive role at Omegatrend before taking up the role of CEO at Bartercard New Zealand in June 2007.

Paul is living proof that if you set your goals and follow them with tenacity and perseverance, you can achieve big things. He is in constant demand as a consultant to blue-chip corporations like McDonalds’s BMW, Qantas. Author of several books including “You Can Do It”.

Peter Robinson once he had the grand title of European Editor, but today he is described as a Senior Contributor to Wheels magazine or, if you prefer, ‘International Motoring Journalist’.

Generation X and Generation Y. is one of Australia’s leading talent development experts. Working primarily as a conference speaker and consultant he has inspired more than 160,000 people across Australia. His clients include corporate giants such as The Commonwealth Bank, Panasonic and Woolworths Limited, as well as Government divisions including the Department of Education, Science and Training and the Queensland Department of Premier and Cabinet. He has also collaborated with some of Australia’s most respected educational providers including TAFE Queensland, the University of Technology Sydney and Deakin University.

Ray Pitch has over 25 years experience in the computer and information technology field. He is an international speaker and seminar leader focusing on the non-technical and managerial side of information technology, encouraging organisations to examine and use technology to leverage sustainable competitive advantage for their businesses.


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