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Looking for an after dinner speaker for an upcoming event? Here at Captive Audience we represent hundreds of after dinner speakers from throughout New Zealand and around the world whom are ready to entertain and inspire your audience. We do not charge a service, booking or admin fee, meaning you get best value for your event investment. Let us help you find the best after dinner speaker for your event. We'll take care of everything.


Paddy O'Brien is NZ's most capped test referee. He refereed for 20 years and is currently the most experienced referee on the world refereeing panel.

Pat Mesiti has been dubbed "Mr. Motivation". And for good reason! He isn't just a speaker - he is a performer. Pat Mesiti comes to life when he sets foot on stage. His energy is incredible, drawing in crowds of thousands. Pat Mesiti's enthusiasm combined with his great sense of humour gives him the ability to move an audience into action as well as give them practical resources to help them achieve their goals. He is a gifted communicator and will add enormous value to any event you are organising. Dynamic - Entertaining – Unforgettable

He is a self-confessed sports fanatic whose life has centred around sport.

Outstanding Olympic medal winning canoeist, and motivational speaker.

Founder of internationally successful brands Snowy Peak, Untouched World and MERINOMINK, will share her secrets behind her success, including the strategies she employed to position her brand globally, as well as the challenges and opportunities she has faced along the way

Peter takes his audience on a journey through the experiences that have seen him witness more death and destruction than many care to imagine. He demonstrates that within disaster management there are many valuable lessons for business and individuals alike. He shares his many heart wrenching stories of dealing with families, meeting Prime Ministers and will provide you with a measure for clarity of purpose like no other you have heard before! Peter has founded an orphanage for the children survivors of the Bali Disaster.

Brilliant visionary with an enormous background in futures planning, technology, the environment and planning. One of the areas that businesses don’t spend a lot of time on is the future and this is where we will spend the rest of our lives. ?????????????Ian takes an inspiring and practical look at our future. He assists Governments, corporations, trade union, professional and community organisations and educational institutions to prepare their organisations and programmes to meet the requirements of the coming decades and to develop appropriate strategic thinking and be adaptable in order to meet unforeseeable demands.

Peter began his career in Stand-up comedy and has kept the faith ever since, performing to great acclaim in the Auckland and Wellington Comedy Festivals in 2005 and 2009. In his work as a Corporate entertainer Peter brings his political antennae and comedic writing - as well as his proven abilities as a character actor. !

One of Australia’s very best raconteurs, he captivates audiences within minutes then keeps them hooked and laughing right through to the end. Highly intelligent and absolutely focused, Peter draws on his own stories as well as those of many international leaders of business, government and sport to tailor and deliver presentations that inspire and entertain.

From Real Training – Harcourts have worked with him in the past.

New Zealand’s internationally recognised sports commentator and voice of yachting and the America’s Cup

Director of his own Consultancy Company, Phil is passionate about change management, restructuring and transformation of companies and individuals. Phil is an entrepreneur, former partner of Eric Watson in Rank Xerox and Blue Star companies. An excellent marketer and businessman Phil is happy to share his experiences on transforming your organisation, mentoring, selling, etc. Phil enjoys skydiving and riding Harley Davidsons and is not your usual ‘business consultant’.

Phil is one of NZ’s leading all round sporting journalist and author of many books, including biographies for Grizz, Wylie, Joe Stanley, Mike Brewer, skipping rope Man Billy Graham and most recently Valerie Adams

is Australia’s most sought after spokesman on economic and business affairs. As a forecaster and strategist, Phil’s services as a confidant have been sought after by the nation's leading businessmen for more than 15 years. He is the founder and Executive Chairman of the IBIS Group, Australia’s best know business information, forecasting and strategic and consulting corporation.


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