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Formed over a decade ago HALO have performed Internationally and throughout New Zealand for a variety of corporate and private clients. They pride themselves on delivering an exciting high impact show and being able to work in with our clients' expectations and event themes.

An expert in reputation, Hannah Samuel is a sought-after award-winning professional speaker, MC and author. Her engaging, high-energy, common-sense style, and business acumen enable her to connect with people at all levels at conferences, training and networking events both nationally and internationally.

A marketing and sales professional with diverse management experience in New Zealand, Australia and the Asia-Pacific region his major strengths include a proven strategic background, excellent written and spoken communication skills as well as the ability to work with and manage people from different backgrounds. Experience includes agency management, multi-national product launches, sales, consumer research projects, managing advertising production and targeted distribution projects.

Ian Ferguson is New Zealand's most successful athlete. He has won 4 Olympic gold medals and a silver, plus 5 World Championship medals for kayaking. He raced singles, doubles and fours, but was most famous as a duo with his doubles partner Paul MacDonald. In 1996 Ferg was awarded the Olympian of the Century award by New Zealand's Olympic Association.

Former head of TVNZ after a long career in the media.

As one of the most capped All Blacks ever (79 tests) Ian is one of New Zealand rugby’s greatest ever locks. He spent 3 years in the United Kingdom and now works as a comments man for Sky Television. Ian is an articulate and entertaining speaker.

South African. Really different. Ian has observed lions in the wild and the way they operate in their pride and relates this to the similarities to humans in the workplace.

Jackie is the original jack of all trades - she's a singer, actor, MC and all round entertainer, as comfortable on stage as she is on screen and in the studio.

Jan coaches on topics including interpersonal skills, people management, team leading and conflict resolution. She is also working with emotional intelligence as a new topic.

Chairman of the Securities Commission, also Chairman of the Executive Committee of the International Organisation of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) . She is an officer of the General Division of the order of Australia and was honoured for her services to business and commerce, to public administration and to the community.

Janine has over 10 years experience in the fitness industry and during this time has compiled a list of achievements few encounter in a lifetime. Having began as an overweight, solo mother at the age of 20, Janine ran away to find a life.

Jason was a Super 12 rugby player whose story makes compelling listening. It tells of the courage and strength an individual can find when life deals out some cruel blows. Jason tells his story – as a professional rugby player who suffers the worst of all injuries, a broken neck. Listen as he begins a new career as a policeman – and then has to face life threatening brain surgery.

Most well known as a Television Presenter, Jason Gunn was also the host of ‘The Rich List’, ‘Wheel of Fortune’ and the front man for ‘Dancing with the Stars’ for five years. He is also an actor, a musical entertainer, celebrity and motivational speaker.

Jayne one was of NZ's top track and field athletes before retiring and turning her hand to television presenting. Jayne is a professional and warm M/C.

A self-described ‘tornado’ Jenene has never stood still for long…. Her first foray into digital came at 16 as a high-school drop out, which drove the launch of Jenene’s first digital business www.nzgirl.co.nz from her spare bedroom on a second-hand computer.

Several of these companies have grown to be international with significant operations outside New Zealand.

Jeremy is a star of the New Zealand stand up comedy circuit. A nominee for the Billy T Comedy awards in 2001, Jeremy was awarded Best Male Comedian at the 2002 NZ Comedy Guild Awards. In 2005 Jeremy was awarded Best MC and Best Industry Friend for his services to colleagues.

He’s grown his Wellington-based team tenfold and proceeded to earn some major awards. These include the Merino New Zealand Inaugural Innovation Award 1996, Tradenz Entrepreneur Scholarship 1997, Ernst and Young Inaugural Young Entrepreneur of the Year 1998, Wellington Gold Award: ‘Rising Gold’ for best small business in the region 2001 and Finalist ISPO Brand new Award: best new sportswear or outdoor brand in Europe 2001. Jeremy's presentation topics include export market development, innovation, branding, marketing and innovative management.

A former PR professional, Jesse is a popular MC choice thanks to his corporate-friendly wit and charm; he's hosted some of New Zealand's most prestigious awards ceremonies and continues to receive fantastic feedback from clients across a range of industries.

Still one of the best after dinner speakers and Master of Ceremonies around with his intellectual, satirical wit. Jim makes a great effort to tailor his address to suit your people.

Jim is one of the most versatile and professional entertainers in the country. He can entertain with Debbie Dorday and the Red Hot Mamas, or he can put together a variety show.

Joan is a lovely Irish lady with a long career in education and management. Brings a wealth of experience to her presentations.

Prolific columnist and writer of books written in his inimitiable comic style.

An outstanding teambuilder and motivator, John Adshead was engaged by Michael Fay’s America’s Cup Challenge to manage and co-ordinate the team. He received wide acclaim for his involvement in the New Zealand challenge and as crew motivator and confidante he played a key role in maintaining morale under high pressure conditions.

John Anderson is one of those people you meet that is inspiring, humourous and you remember his story long after you have heard it. You will find him funny, interesting and astute.

book “An Absolutely Outrageous Adventure” is the account of their journey, the places they visited, and in particular the people they met. They were angered, humbled, scared and tired – but never bored. John Bougen, an Auckland businessman and his NZ born cousin, James Irving of Brisbane, completed their staggering All Nations Quest Journey amid some of the most anxious security times the world has seen. They journeyed through the Middle East as the US was poised to attack Iraq and they encountered many harrowing moments in other parts of the world. Bougen's Guinness book record is for ‘the most countries visited in six months’. He is later expected to receive another world record for the biggest air ticket every issued for a single journey. Bougen journeyed 242,000 km – which is equivalent to circumnavigating the world six

A builder for more than 20 years, Cocksy has worked as a building consultant on My House, My Castle, Hot Property, Groundforce, Changing Rooms, April's Angels and How Did You Do That?. Other TV roles have included the first Celebrity Treasure Island (which he won), Superstar Treasure Island and Cocksy's Day Off.

As a professional entertainer for 15 years, John uses character, comedy, hoaxes, magic juggling and trickery, in fact almost anything to get the message across. He can create a suitable ‘hoax” character to fit in with the theme of your evening and your industry and deliver a believable address. An excellent MC and now used extensively by clients to give a ‘closing wrap up’ at the end of their conference – to tie the whole conference together.

If you are looking for a Hoax Speakers, M/C or stand up comedian for hilarious entertainment, look no further than John Glass. Your people will love you for it. With many years of comedy experience from stand-up to clubs to the corporate boardroom, John Glass is a comic you can trust.