Monique Knight

Monique Knight has had a varied career in rehabilitation and counselling, working with people with brain injuries as well as with professionals experiencing burn out.
Monique has over 25 years experience working with people in their work place helping manage stress and prevent burnout on a daily basis rather than waiting for that holiday once a year. She helps business owner’s deal with the hard stuff including employee conflicts, change and resilience.

She can present a keynote presentation, a team-building session or an interactive workshop and has a fresh approach using simple everyday language. Audience participation and laughter is an important element in her presentations so participants can see for themselves how stress works and what we can do about it.

It is this unique background that led her to develop these simple but effective skills to rejuvenate your brain throughout the day. You can de-stress and refresh by managing your focus in the now.

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POWERPACKING - Turn Stress to Strength.  Do you work long hours on your computer?  Do you have ongoing stress from a full workload? Whether working for yourself or for someone else, multi-tasking is a fact of life. The drive to succeed means you need to be constantly focused, creative and effective. You don’t have the luxury of long lunches, power naps or even coffee breaks at times.

Maximize Your Moment - You might be told to reduce or limit your work load, but let’s be realistic. If you don’t do it, it won’t get done. There is another solution. Maximize Your Moment is a set of skills developed to reboot your brain, spark creativity and boost energy.  Quickly, efficiently and mindfully.

Outsmart Your Stress - When it is not realistic to reduce your workload, there is another solution. Maximize Your Moment Learn these simple skills developed to reboot and refresh your brain, spark creativity and boost energy.


“Great visual presentation”

“Very insightful, gave me a much better understanding of how we process stress and how we deal with it”

“Insightful, relates easily with her audience. Very enlightening”

“Loved the hands on presentation and Monique’s down to earth, honest approach”

“Very entertaining, clear method of getting message across – great metaphors that are memorable”

'Monique is a terrific speaker about stress. I was dubious when she promised some fun facts about stress, because I didn't think it was a fun subject. I was wrong, she made it a lot of fun and I think a lot of organizations can benefit from learning about stress from Monique.'  - Jeremy Nicholas, Director Talking Toolbox Ltd