Mike King

Mike is a fantastic comedic MC; an entertaining after dinner speaker but also talks about dealing with depression and addiction. He has addressed (and helped) thousands of people on those topics.
In a previous life, Mike King was our very own comedic, cultural ambassador, performing at more international festivals than any other Kiwi comedian. He was a familiar face on New Zealand television, hosting numerous comedy series.

In January 1997 he was voted Comedian of the Year by Metro Magazine readers with only two years of stand-up comedy under his belt. In that short time Mike was invited to perform at the prestigious Montreal and Melbourne Comedy Festivals. He has also performed in London and Amsterdam, has toured New Zealand extensively, and regularly entertained at Auckland’s comedy venues.  His television career began with his cameo role on sketch show “Comedy Central". His portrayal of the “sun-glass wearing, leather jacket clad Maori fella” introduced television viewers to Mike King’s candid and controversial humour previously reserved for stand-up audiences.

Subsequent television shows helped to establish Mike King as a household name, including annual appearances on the LAUGH! Festival Charity Gala, host of “Pulp Comedy”, co-host of Kiwi “Bloopers and Practical Jokers” and a regular on "Game of Two Halves"

Mike’s candid routine has led him to become somewhat of a social commentator and he is often asked to take part in documentaries, news shows and debates.

These days Mike has retired from stand-up comedy, devoting his time to help others understand mental illness and strategies to cope with it.  

He regularly delivers a motivational message to High School students about setting and achieving goals drawing on his own life experiences as well as delivering hundreds of addresses each year to communities on suicide, depression and addiction using his personal experiences mixed with his inimitable humour.

His work was recognised with his nomination for Kiwibank New Zealander of the Year in 2017 in which he was a finalist.  He is a giving man, an empath and a truly inspirational speaker for all of us - but particularly with youth and with men - two groups who often find it difficult to reach out and ask for help if they are struggling.

Mike is strongly sought after as a guest speaker and Master of Ceremonies for corporate and private functions.