Kerre McIvor

Book Kerre McIvor as MC or After Dinner Speaker for your next event. Kerre is an effervescent and knowledgeable radio personality, great MC and debater.
Kerre hosts a nightly talk back show on 1ZB and has her own ‘Kerre’s CafÚ’ radio show on a Sunday morning. Kerre is very funny and ‘down to earth’, and is an excellent entertaining speaker, debater and M/C

Kerre has firmly established herself as one of New Zealand’s top MC’s and after dinner speakers. She is able to bring professionalism and humour to any event and knows how to ensure that the balance is always right. She is no stranger to television either. She has appeared in "Intrepid Journeys" on TV1 where she went to India/Nepal and Cambodia. She has appeared on Fair Go (presenter not culprit), Heartland, Ready Steady Cook, Dream Jobs and Together Again, and has hosted a number of high impact documentaries.

On the debating scene Kerre is dynamite, cutting up the opposition with her rapier like wit and opinions on all things. On the corporate circuit Kerre is a wonderful MC who can keep audiences very much on their toes but can also bring the dignity that special occasions demand.

Kerre is in particular demand at product launches and awards events where she can use all facets of her talents

Kerre started her media career in 1982 as a journalist with Radio New Zealand, spending three years throughout the provinces. She was a popular co-presenter of the “Heartland Series “ with Gary McCormick and TV3’s “Destination Planet Earth”.

After being involved in high profile restaurants in Wellington and Hamilton, Kerre moved to Auckland in 1997 and is the host of the number one nightly talkback show on Newstalk ZB. She has recently appeared in her own television show with high profile sports celebrities. She has a Sunday morning radio show on 1ZB called ‘Kerre’s Café’ and regularly appeared as a panelist on the 5.30pm weekly programme “That’s Life” She has a weekly column in the Herald on Sunday, is a book reviewer for She magazine, pops up on television from time to time throughout the year and is a regular on the after-dinner speaking circuit. She has almost finished her Honours papers in history and is contemplating her Masters.

Kerre McIvor has a strong stage presence and a flair for comedy and debate, in addition to her bright, bubbly After Dinner presentations.


• After Dinner
• Debating
• Master of Ceremonies